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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 23, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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there hasn't been a woman executed in virginia in almost a century almost tonight. teesa louis was killed by lethal injection. >> executing a woman has not happened in thenited states in five years. 41-year-old teresa lewis was on death row in greensville.
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she was convicted in 20 of hiring two men to kill her husband. his name was julian cliffton lewis and her stepson in an effort to collect insurance money the two men were given sentences of life prison? prison. lewis put to death at 9:00 tonight. >> death was pnounced at 9:13 p.m. there were no complications. ms. lewis did make a last statement. she said i just want kathy to know i love her. d i'm vry sorry. >> kathy cliffton is t daughter of julian cliffton lewis. she was on hand to witness the executiotonight. there were more than 7,3 appeals made to stop that execution. a mon after a cathol unversity student was murdered, police arrest a spect. he's oy 17 years old. news 4's dorothy spencer jns
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us with more. dorothy. >> reen, a source close to the instigation says this teenage suspect was under the supervion of the juvenile juice system and was supposed to be livg in a group home. some officials want to kn how close this alleged gng member is being watched. eric foan, charges asn adult of caolic university sudent neil galeski. the 31-year-old w ridinghis bike near sherman circle on august 22nd, wen heas gunned own. >> ts was a young man, working, going tochool and tryg to make an honest living, just ting to get home from work, and was shot and killed for wat appears to be absolutely no reason. >> rorter: news 4 lens tt he was under the supervision of the department of youth rehabitati services and living in a groupome in northeast at the time of the killing. they have come under fire after a number of people under spri
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supervision have been charged. >> any of the group homes we work for, we want to know the are being managed directly and that they know where the children are. we want to know that they are on top of it. >> reporter:he victim was riding his bike about 12:30 in the morning, when forman decided he want to pu a move. the robbery netted $60 in cash. >> he bothered nobody. he was a good hearted. he didn't mind helping nobody. it's a shame. >> sources say forman has an extensive jenile record and was a known gang member. they want to figure out how he was able to commit murder. >> if it's a case he was a violent kid involved with other crimes, is it appropriate for a young person like that to be in the community at all?
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>> reporter: the gun used to kill the victim was used in a shooting earlier that day. another teenager was arrested in connection with that shooting. a memorial mass is bei held on saturday at catholic university. back to up. >> thank you. three homes were destroyed. several others badly damaged after a really quickly moving fire burned through a northern virginia neighborhood today. that flyer hasn't from house to house within the sumner lake community in manassas. the fire grew to three alarms before firefighters were able to get it under control. >> reporter: eight homes damaged or destroys as the flames moved through a massive row of single-family homes. strong winds caused flames to jump from roof to roof. amateur video shows a fast moving blaze. firefighters struggle to get control and neibors start to
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panic. >>his was only ten minutes before all of these went up. it was really horrific, and i said i need to pack some things and get out of here. i knew how close we were, and seeing how close they were and how fast it happened, it was pretty bad. >> reporter: the fire broke out at the back of 8355 at tillett loop. the heat from the fire caused vinyl siding on three other homes to melt. one neighbor ran door to door to make sure everyone made it out okay. >> i ran to the guy's house and he was in the house, like teenager of some sort, and he was in a panic, trying to call the fire department or something like that. i to him, you got to get out of the house. went to the garage, seen him and looked at the whole back of the house. >> 100 firefighters battled the three-alarm blaze. miraculously, no one was seriously hurt. one resident had a minor burn to the hand. red cross was brought in to help the homeless families, including this man, who heard about itat
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work. >> my life comingrom the store. she sees the fire and everything, smoke, and -- >> how long have you lived here? >> only six months. >> fire crews will remain here overnight, as the fire rshall office tries to figure out how the massive blaze began. in manassas, jane watrell, news 4. >> the red cross is helping those displaced. metr is significantly safer than the system was last year according to the chairman of the national transportation safety board. debra hersman testified before a conal oversight committe today. metro has mde a lot of progress, and started more than a dozen of ntsb's recommendations. we have a long way to go. nine people died and dozens more injured in a crash in june 2009. >> d.c. school's chancellor had
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a meeting with d.c. council chair, vincent gray. their first meeting since gray won the democratic primary in the race for mayor. both have acknowledged their differences on education reform there are reports tonight that educational secretary arndie duncan is pushing to keep reed in d.c. but officials in north ne jersey are trying to get her to run the sool system there. after today's meeting, council chair gray offered few details. >> chancellor reed staying or going. the state of education in the city. and we'll leave it there. >> gray said he and reed will meet again sometime before the general election in november. still ahead, new restrictions set on the popular diabetes drugavandia. starbucks raising priced on some of its drinks. a model takes a tumble on the catwalk.
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>> doug? >> oh, boy, i'll tell up and i'll tell you what as well. big changes, not just big changes, huge changes in the forest. i'll show you what to expect, ming up in just a minute. and in sports, a big shakeup for the nationals' organization. on the field, the nats playing like gold glovers, and he's back. redskins' safety kareem mre ready to lay the ackdown. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right! [ horns honki ] hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's your wallet? ove, go lon
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starbucks plans to start raising prices on the more labor intensive coffee drinks. they say raw coffee prices are r rising and it has to start arging more ney. if you like regular coffee and espresso, prices for those beverages will remain the same. >> the governor of virginia sa
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mismanagement at the state's department of transportation is to blame for a lot of traffic on virginia roads. governor bob mcdonnell released the results of a state audit and finds more than $500 million was not spent last year, even the state closed rest stops along some of the interstate highways and postponed maintenance projects. mcdonnell says th sty identified nearly 1.5 billion. it's now available for projects over the next six years. he promises that vdot will award between 8$800 million and $900 million in contracts so that some overdue road construction projects can get started. virginia transportation officials are thinking about opening shoulder lanes to traffic all the tim right now it's only open during rush hour. congestion on i-66 is sobad, u.s. a relatively inexpensive
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way to increase capacity. but it is expected to cost $8 million. coming up on the broadcast. stink bugs back and bugging a lot of people. facebook users couldn't get updates for hours today. >> oh, my. oh. >> we'll be right back.
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mixed news on the efforts to rescue 33 trapped miners in chile. the men have been trapped 2,300 feet below ground since august 5th. it was a minor setback today as two of the three drills being used to bore holes to get those men were out of service. one of them has a broken bit. despite that, officials say they are sti making good progress,
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and they believe they can reach the miners by the first week of november. the food and drug administration is restricting the use of the diabetes drug avandia, the same day that european markets decided to take it off shelves completely. it was a top-selling drug. recent reports link it to an increased risk of heart attack. the fdannounced that doctors can only prescribe the drug to patientswhose diabetes isn't controlled with any other medication. major provisions in the new health care law took effect today. insurancecompanies cannot deny coverage to children with preexisting conditions. preventive care, such as breast cancer screenings, must be covered without copays or deuctibles, and young adults can stay on their parents' insurance uil they are 26 years old. and reports of stink bugs
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across the area. the bugs are called the shield bug because of it's distinctive shape. but it's better known as the smell. one pest control company sys they are most al noiing, but they can cause damage to agriculture. >> the bug definitely has the ability to puncture fru and cause some damage and make it unmarketable. for a few years now, we've been watchi this migration and the numbers build up. >> expts say the bugs come from chin ya and have no natura prators so they can live for months. > it's fashion week in london and by now we've learned that those events sometimes include an inevitable incident like this one. this was a model, doing her thing. just leaving the catwalk last night.
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>> girl down! >> take it off. >> she was almost there. >> almost there. >> oh. >> all of a sudden, you know -- >> why do those women wear those heels like that? >> because they get paid to wear them >> do they get paid to embarrass themselves like that? poor thing. >> i don't know why you think that's so funny. >> i don't know either. >> every woman wahing has experienced that very same thing. it's terrible. >> i wouldn't know. >> good thing. more about shoes coming up later i think. first, we have to talk about weather. not very autumnal out there today. get a hold of yourself over there. >> hi, everyone. i tell you what, one more day tomorrow where we'll see temperatures much more summerlike than autumnal like. outside right now, look at this. warm across the district and
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warm across the region. we hit a high of 93 degrees. tomorrow, guess what? we'll be warmer than that. high tomorrow of 95 degrees. average high of 77. first day of fall, that was today. but it definitely feels a lot more like summer out there. that summer heat will continue. 80 degrees currently at this time. winds out of the south/southwest at 3 miles an hour. 73 in sterling. 74 in culpepper. very warm temperatures, even after 11:00. a warm start tomorrow as well. 67 to 71 as you head the kids off to school. plenty of sunshine tomorrow and it will heat up very quickly. look at the highs today. 93 here. 99 in raleigh. 95 insflaencincinnati, and the air coinues to make its way toward our region, and we'll see temperatures skyrocket. record-breaking levels. nothing but clear skies across the area now. you have to go way out to the
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west to see storms at all. this is where they are, back toward iowa. this is the cold front that will come through, and it is going to be a huge game changer for us. very hottomorrow, but on saturday, there goes that frontal boundary. you won't notice it too much. ly see a change in the wind out of the northwe on saturday and instead of the southwest tomorrow. but that will start to usher in cooler air and behind that front, we have a major pattern change coming where we'll have a deep trough and jet stream that will allow for the beneficial rains to move up. a lot of moisture out of gulf of mexico and the atlantic ocean as well and we're not talking about one day of rain here. we could be talking about an extended period of rain. very, very dry. we need to see that rain. it does look like we'll see at least a chance of it each day most ofext week. for tonight and into tomorrow morning, clear skies, unseasonably warm. 67 to 71 as we move through the day tomorrow. temperatures up there. 91 to 96 degrees. sunny and hot with record heat.
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the old record set back in 1970. i think we'll beat that tomorrow as move on through the next four days. big pattern change, 94 tomorrow. high of 71 degrees. some may stay in the upper 60s ll day sunday. and saturday or monday, coming in at 77 degrees. saturday should be the best day. temperatures around 87. as we head into the extended outlook, a chance of rain and even thunderstorms tuesday, wednesday and thursday each week. and if things work out right, we could see two, three, even four inches of rain as we head into next wek. >> that's a lot. >> it is a lot of rain. we're seven inches behind for the summer >> maybe not all at once. >> thank you. we got sports coming up. we'll tell you why theskins' defense might look even better. and whythe future is bright for
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so the nationals lost a big piece of their organization today, right? >> this guy was literally the face of the organization from the time they bought the franchise from major league baseball, and i think he just got tired of weighting. i think he's ready to make a move and make the team better immediately. nationals president stan kasten leaving the nationals at the end of the season. kasten doesn't know what he'll next, but he knew about a year ago this would be his last year with the natiols. kasten brought on board as the public face of the learner owrship group before they bought the team from major league baseball. he promised the lerners he would run the show for five ears. he will be stepping found after
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4.5 years ago with the organization. he said it's about me, clearly trying to squash reports that the lerner family doesn't want to incrse payroll. >> he will be missed herin the organization, but he's laid quite a solid foundation, we've done a lot of the things with his input. we'll go about with his business and feel a championship caliber organization. >> and kasten at today's game. defense was the theme. top six, jayon michael sends one to secon and check out espinoza's diving play. great play from the youngster skchl car les lee, and alberto gonzalez ys out. filling for? for ryan zimmerman and nicely.
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watch that again. pfectly timed. and that ends the inning. home half of the seventh. that was outstanding. espinoza at the plate, with the manon and he is getting big all over the place. two-run shot. he now has six home runs in 20 games. the national down the astros 7-2. a thirdtraight win, it's the nats and braves this weekend. talking football. redskins in st. louis onsunday. rookie left tale trent williams has not been ruled out, despite not practicing all week. williams has an injured knee and toen practice tomorrow. but is he still limping around. so i would be surprised if he plays on sunday. and on the other side of the ball, moore will be back. he is replaced by reed dowd reed on the wrong endf the game-changing play against the texans. not many people in the nfl will jump andre hnson who gets the game-tying touchdown there.
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moore missed the first two games recovering from knee surgery. his return should bolster the secondary. >> i have just been killing me. i just want to go out and play. get back out and play, and i don't know, very anxious to get out there, show everyone what i can do. everybody who doubted m go out, work hard and prove all of them wrong. >> i'm looking forward to him playing. he has a feel for coverages, when to break, either have it back there when you're deep or you don't. he's a playmaker. >> i thought you would like the video. he talks a little trash to him o. >> right up in his face. >> he'll be a huge lift for the secondary. reed dowdy got a raw deal. he was supposed to have some help on that play, d nobody in the league will jump on him. >> that was good defense. >> really nothing you can do there. >> nothing more than he can do. >> thank you, dan. up next, a major glitch for
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to promote a new initiative to lower the rate even further. the organization is calling on congress to pass legislation requirin alcohol detection ignition locks on all vehicles. tonight, facebook is back up and running after thousands of people had trouble accessing it fofour hours. people in the u.s. and europe got messages like dns failure when they tried to logon to facebook. 22% of the 500 million facebook users had problems. facebook fixed tglitch aroun 6:00. it was having site issues. this is the second time in as many days that the site has been think about the internet.
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they call it a fantasy land for shoe lovers, a brand new 35,000 square foot space is open
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london it is the largest shoe department in the world. there are more than 150 brands from uggs to jimmy choo and more than 5,000 different styles. it has six different salons, all with different themes, oh, my. >> i won


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